Saturday, June 2, 2012

Writing For Women

There are many men bloggers in the Internet who choose women as their target audience. However, most of them fail to get the interest of these women. Women seem not to care to what they write while men try their best to write for these women. Thus, for those who ask how they will be able to write for women, the answer for it may be abstract and men can never answer that for sure. Why do men write for women audience?

Men may have a hard time writing for women since they think differently. This is already seen in times when a man and a woman have an argument. While men think that they understand women, the fact is they really don't know what is running in their minds. In many arguments, men lose because they try to keep talking for the woman to understand him but she is not listening to what he is saying. Thus, the efforts are going useless. Women on the other hand, want that a man he is talking t will listen to her. Thus, she waits for the time when he is no longer shouting and only then will she speak her piece. A woman then gets what she wants since a guy will now listen to her.

Also, a tip for men who writes for women as their target audience, it must be understood that they may get the attention of women by trying to write about the interests of the woman. Thus, a guy can write anything that can catch the attention of a woman once he focuses on the interest and not on the gender.

Writing for women doesn't really need any change or any special technique. You just simply writ the way you normally do and change the topic the way that it may have a better inclination to women's interests. As women may be hard to be understood, especially by a man, then try to use different views and at least one of them will click with the interest of a woman.

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