Friday, May 25, 2012

Empowering Interests For Women

Of course women are interested in many things. But the question remains- are those interests that empower women or lower their self-esteem? Many women enjoy reading gossip magazines. However, pages filled with negative gossip about celebrities and unreal physical bodies does not empower women, but rather disempowers them. This article instead will outline some athletic, literary, and educational interests that women can pursue which positively impact society and specifically, women.

Through the simple athletic act of running, women can gain great self-esteem, courage, and empowerment. Running can act as a catharsis for stress and negative emotions. Running helps women to work past those issues and embrace something that is more positive. Many women find it empowering to begin running their first mile, and eventually work up to running six mile marathons.

Other athletic interests that can be empowering for women are weight-lifting and boxing. Weight-lifting teaches women how to gradually build strength, and also contains a mentally empowering aspect. Boxing teaches women how to be confrontational, which is a truly great skill for women to learn. Typically, women are viewed as being non-confrontational and thus become stereotyped as quiet or timid in society. Participating in boxing helps women to consciously break this stereotype and gain enough confidence to stand up for themselves.

Literary interests that can be empowering for women are any sort of financial books or career guidance literature. Financial books by women like Suze Orman help women learn how to make their own money and invest it wisely. Typically, women are risk-averse and shy away from investing money into stocks. Women can try reading investing books to learn how to overcome this fear and confidently pick stocks that will help grow their money. By growing one's financial life, a woman can see how interesting finances can be and fun as well.

Educational interests are a wonderful way for women to find empowerment. One of the best ways to gain empowerment after a divorce is to try something out of the ordinary, like taking a French class, finance course, or cooking class. Empowering interests may seem rare for women, but they exist. Women just need to consciously seek them out, and enjoy the confidence those activities bring into their lives.

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