Saturday, March 24, 2012

Women Interests

What a better time to consider your posture than a few weeks before your prom. It only takes a few short weeks, of conscious adjustment, to permanently affect your posture in a positive way. Most ladies have completely forgotten what it means to have good posture. Even those of us who slouch and stand crooked even believe that we are just fine. Slender women tend to think that they are perfectly poised just because of their size. It is a myth to think that heavier women are naturally slouched; it is actually a backward opinion because heavier women are more self conscious which can equal to a straighter back, tucked tummy, and back-stacked shoulders.

Even a simple pair of heels can drastically enhance your posture in a positive manner, just by forcing the body to stand far more erect. A few tricks and tips and you can be standing tall, beautiful, and poise just in time to slip into your prom dress. Most of us sit almost all day long and sitting usually equals slouching. Be conscious of your sitting position will help your over-all standing posture. Always keep your legs uncrossed and flat on the floor; choose a chair that stacks your hips slightly higher than your knees to distribute the weight evenly; shoulders relaxed with abs light and engaged; even when you are forced to stare at a keyboard do your best to level your head as often as possible and keep it flush with your neck and spine. You should be able to place a hand between the back of the chair and the small of your back. If your normal posture has been out of whack, when you properly align yourself while sitting, you will begin to consciously notice your thighs since the legs are uncrossed now. For a healthy standing posture begin with your feet planted on the floor a few inches apart. Note your body weight and where it lies; if your weight is on your heels then you are out of alignment. Your standing weight should always rest evenly on your feet so that you feel it in your chest and abs. Keep your knees bent, slightly to hold your weight. Never lock your knees. Pull your belly button toward your spine to find your stability and always keep your head, and neck, in-line with your shoulders. If you can carry these perfect poses for one to two consecutive weeks, you are on your way to finding your perfect, full-time posture, and keeping your spine, legs, and hips healthy throughout the years.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Men and the Interesting Woman

While men do generally like the feeling of being wanted and needed, they do not like to be smothered to death. To many men this is a complete turnoff. Many men desire to have a woman that has a healthy balance of co-dependency with independence. It seems that those women that have a life of their own while also making time for their male counterparts are far more favored by the gentlemen than the "clingy be by my side all the time" type of woman.

Why would this be the case? Well, there are a number of reasons why men prefer women that are a bit more independent. In general, what men want is a happy medium when it comes to certain personality traits regarding their women. Independence is a healthy sign that a woman is able to do some things on her own. This does not necessarily mean that she does not need a man. It simply means that she is capable of doing things on her own and has her own agenda in life. Independence is viewed as being very sexy by many men, and in many cases, there are men that are willing to go above and beyond for women that show traits of being independent as opposed to those that are overly clingy and needy.

It is very important to note that women that have their own lives and interests are perceived differently than women that are constantly waiting for a man to complete them. What man want from women is to know that the women in their lives have something to occupy their times besides them. Women that have hobbies or activities that they enjoy are far more attractive than those that are overly engrossed in a man. This may seem a bit weird to some women, but the truth of the matter is men want women that are interesting an engaging. They want a woman that actually has interests and activities that she enjoys. Men do want a woman that is capable of sharing herself in many ways. This is more possible if a woman has something that interests her that she can share. It can be anything from taking a dance class or learning how to play a musical instrument to going back to school to further her education. A woman with interests outside of the man that she is dating or involved with is a woman with substance.

It is very important to note that moderation in all things is necessary when considering the independent woman. Just as men do not want a woman that is completely clingy, they also do not want a woman that is so fiercely independent that they feel as if they are not even a consideration to her. What men want are women that can strike a balance between being needed while also continuing to have their own lives.