Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Effective Dating Tips To Keep In Mind

Dating is a form of courtship that one hopes will ultimately lead to an intimate relationship. It is an activity involving two people who are in the process of getting to know one another, and evaluating each other's potential to become one's intimate partner.

Most of the time, it is the men who ask for a date with a woman. However, a good number of men find it difficult to figure out women. They are immobilized by questions like "how do I act around her?", "What will I wear?", and "What if she finds me boring?" Well, here are some tips for men on dating women:

1. Wear clothes that look good on you, and clothes that are not out of style. And make sure your shoes are clean, shiny, and neat. (Note: Women always look at your shoes!)

2. Fix your hair. And by that, I mean go the barbershop and get your hair styled in a way that suits you.

3. Shave your facial hair; it will give you a neat and fresh impression. Most women don't go for full beards. However, a day or two of growth neatly trimmed gives younger men (20's and 30's) an edgy, masculine look that can work. On older men, it tends to make them look tired and disheveled.

4. It should go without saying, but from what some women report, it needs saying; take a shower before your date so you will look fresh and clean.

5. Wear a cologne or perfume that is not irritating to the nose; something not strong.

6. Women want a man with ambition. So, you should know what your plans in life are because women, most of the time, asks about your future plans.

7. Women do not like stupidity; so make sure you know about the current events and the news.

8. Being an alcoholic won't win you a lady. Drinking cocktails with her is fine, but getting drunk with her on a date is a no-no.

9. Pick a topic that interests your date, not you. Most men initiates "sports" talk, which, usually, gives the woman an impression that he is not an insightful one.

10. Sex is a big no-no on a first date. Women like men who are patient. 11. Treat your date with respect; do not use foul languages.

12. Know how to eat in a fancy restaurant.

13. Be knowledgeable about fashion, accessories, and flowers; these are things of women's interests.

14. Be a gentleman; open the door for her, help her with her seat, and let her go first.

15. Women love to talk. So, listen to every word she says and give smart opinions. Let her finish talking first; don't interrupt in mid-sentences.

16. Do not smoke in front of your date; it is a big turn-off.

17. Women also love to dance. So, if you are not a dancer, then learn how to dance.

18. Take your date to her home, safely. And make sure she get's in the house, before you run off to your home.

Finally, if you say you're going to call again, call. If you don't intend to don't say you will.


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